The One about GOETHE Magazine’s (10th Anniversary)


As a long time reader of Nikkei’s GOETHE (and frequent visitor of WEB GOETHE), the magazine has remained consistent as a men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine catering to a more upper class and older demographic who appreciate the more finer things in life.    And at most, articles that tend to focus on successful businessmen, especially CEO’s.

George Clooney is featured on the 10th anniversary April issue.  There are two people that have appeared on the cover many times on GOETHE and it’s typically George Clooney or former pro soccer player Hidetoshi Nakata.

The latest issue features a tribute to the 10 years of GOETHE, George Clooney, the Ultimate Catalog and more!

I want to wish GOETHE Magazine a fantastic 10th Anniversary and many more successful years/decades to come!