The One about Kaisendon Marukita in Tsukiji


As I went to Tsukiji (Tsukiji Fish Market, the place for fresh fish and best sushi restaurants) early in the morning to get into the world renown Sushi Dai, by the time I got there, it was 5:55 and the lines were already pretty long (people are in line for hours to get into this restaurant each morning).

Having sampled quite a number of places in Tsukiji, one I haven’t tried was Kaisendon Marukita.


Wanting to try their popular sea urchin rice bowl at 4500 yen, I decided that because I was sampling so many places that morning that I wanted to try something else, so I went for the “Chef Recommendation Sushi Combo Rice Bowl” (OMAKASE-DON!!) for 2300 yen. (NOTE: There is a Chef Recommendation Highgrade Sushi Combo Rice Bowl for 3500 yen).

And it was absolutely delicious.

The only thing people should know is that it’s not a big place, so it’s not a place where you want to sit with a group of friends and chit chat, you need to get the opportunity to get in there and eat because there are people who are just as hungry, hoping for a chair to free up.




There are a good variety of dishes of different price scales. While you can find meals such as the Tuna Rice Bowl for 800 yen and the Salmon Rice Bowl for 1000 yen, a lot of the better offerings, you will have to spend 1500 yen and up. The best offerings are 3000 yen and up.

While I enjoyed this dish, there were more on this menu I wanted to try but there were many more restaurants and areas in Tsukiji Market that I wanted to visit and eat at.

But my next visit, I can’t wait to try the sea urchin rice bowl at Kaisendon Marukita.