The One about the Sansui 7070 (Classic Technology)

I can remember the day my father bought his new AM/FM Stereo Receiver, the Sansui 7070. I knew nothing about technology but I did know from the look of it, this stereo receiver was beyond awesome!  And it was probably one of the first major electronic purchases by my father. For those not familiar with Sansui, the company was founded in Tokyo in 1947.  It manufactured transformers but then it […]

The One about Ube Ice Cream and Cake

If there was one thing I enjoyed eating as a child, it was ube ice cream and ube cake. While I have been focused on healthy eating, recently for my grandmother’s 90th surprise birthday party, ube ice cream (Magnolia’s ube ice cream is delish!), cake (oh, try it at Red Ribbon Bakery) and other delicacies were available. And I suppose for many, the sweet and delicious taste of ube is […]

The One about the Golden Turd or Flame in Sumida Tokyo (@ Asahi Beer Hall)

One of the most unique structures in Sumida, Tokyo is the Asahi Beer Hall (Super Dry Hall). One of the building of the Asahi Breweries Headquarters, many will see what many call “Kin no Unko” (“The Golden Poo” or others like to say, “The Golden Turd”). While what people are seeing is the structure designed by French designer Philippe Starck back in 1989. Known as one of Tokyo’s most modern […]

The One about LACOSTE Energized Edition (EAU DE LACOST L.12.12. ENERGIZED) Eau De Toilette Pour Homme

I have discussed my bias towards LACOSTE clothing. For the longest time, I have been a fan of the French clothing company which was originally founded back in 1933. Best known as the company that was created by tennis player Jean Rene Lacoste a.k.a. “the Crocodile” because of his tenacity on the tennis court, Lacoste won seven Grand Slam single titles and was the #1 tennis player in the world […]

The One about the Black & Decker 4-Tool Combo Kit

I have purchased and owned Black & Decker products for doing a lot of work around the house and have utilized a variety of products for many years. So, I guess you can say that I am a longtime user of their products. I have to admit that, during the early 2000’s, I started getting into tools that utilized lithium and have had the worst problem with bad lithium batteries […]