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The One about What I’m Drinking in the Morning

I’m often asked what I’m drinking in the morning. And it’s pretty the same drink that I’ve drunken since I went for a more healthier lifestyle since August 2015. What I’m drinking is my own smoothie which consists of the following: First, I use a Ninja Professional Blender that comes with the two Nutri Ninja cups: Water (about a 1/4 or 1/2 of water from water bottle) 12 frozen blueberries Optional: Mango or pineapple A […]

The One about Fatte Albert’s Pizza Co. in Hanford and Lemoore, California

As I have traveled the world, one thing I always want to try once in awhile is pizza. And while the majority of what we see out there are popular chains, I absolutely love finding local pizzeria’s, especially one that gives back to the community. Located in Central California (Kings County: Hanford and Lemoore) is Fatte Albert’s Pizza Co.  Owned by Steve and Wendy Gonzales, their local pizzeria’s offer gourmet pizza and I have heard […]

The One about the Casio Luxury Calculator – The S100

In the day of smart phones and tablets, one would not think that calculators are needed as much anymore.  And if you do, they are typically inexpensive. But Casio believes there is a market for multi-function calculators and there are people who want to look distinguished with having one and so they have released the S100. But when you think about it… there are few things that people may a lot for such as fountain […]

The One about my Final Visit to Tsukiji Fhish Market in Tokyo

The Tsukiji Market (Tsukiji-shijo) has been the destination for fresh fish for chefs but also the destination for food lovers who wanted to try the best, freshest seafood in Tokyo. It’s possibly the most important foodie destination for seafood lovers visiting Tokyo. This fall, Tsukiji Fish Market relocates to Toyosu, for many Japanese, the closure of Tsukiji Market is sad because the location has been around for several generations. For me, I had to visit […]

Travel Guide – Japan: The One about Having Very Good Socks and Shoes and Preparing for Stairs in Tokyo

There was a time when I would to go to Japan and select dress shoes and socks, until I realize that stairs in Japan have quickly become my arch-rival. From carrying your multiple luggage, your travel bag/backpack and when going to the subway or train, you will constantly have to go through stairs.  And I mean a lot of them. No, don’t even think that there is an elevator or escalator nearby (they are there, […]