The One about my Final Visit to Tsukiji Fhish Market in Tokyo

The Tsukiji Market (Tsukiji-shijo) has been the destination for fresh fish for chefs but also the destination for food lovers who wanted to try the best, freshest seafood in Tokyo. It’s possibly the most important foodie destination for seafood lovers visiting Tokyo. This fall, Tsukiji Fish Market relocates to Toyosu, for many Japanese, the closure of Tsukiji Market is sad because the location has been around for several generations. For […]

Travel Guide – Japan: The One about Having Very Good Socks and Shoes and Preparing for Stairs in Tokyo

There was a time when I would to go to Japan and select dress shoes and socks, until I realize that stairs in Japan have quickly become my arch-rival. From carrying your multiple luggage, your travel bag/backpack and when going to the subway or train, you will constantly have to go through stairs.  And I mean a lot of them. No, don’t even think that there is an elevator or […]

The One about the FLIR TG130 Spot Thermal Camera

I have wanted to use a spot thermal camera in order to identify utility issues around the home and hot spots and the FLIR TG130 Spot Thermal Camera does the job quite well. The device comes with the spot thermal camera with an 80×60 imager, three AAA batteries and cord strap. Installation is quite easy, take out the battery holder from its compartment, load up three AAA batteries (note: the […]

The One about Sakura Hotel & Hostel (in Jimbocho)

With Japan coming down on Airbnb, I get asked the question of what hotel to stay in Tokyo, but also saving the most money and a room that’s not too small with good privacy. There are many places to stay throughout Tokyo but the cheapest would be Sakura Hotel and Hostel. There are four locations: Ikebukuro (which several of my friends have stayed at and enjoy), Hatagaya (close to Shinjuku […]

The One about Fresno Chaffee Zoo

This past Saturday, I was in Fresno, California to visit the Fresno Chaffee Zoo located in Roeding Park. The zoo covers 39 acres and houses over 190 species and brings in an attendance of 700,000 people (as of 2014). I was told that the zoo has changed a lot and the animals look much healthier, the zoo is packed and for the most part, that’s all you can hope for […]

The One about the MERRITHEW Fitness Circle Flex

When it comes to pilates and building your strength and flexibility, a fitness circle really does a great job in building core stability. I did have a few concerns as other fitness circles from other brands offered a 14″ and also slight concern with the handles but for its price, I was happy to test out the durability of the 12″ MERRITHEW Fitness Circle Flex. Of course, it’s important to […]

The One about Cannery Row (Monterey)

This past Saturday, before Super Bowl Sunday, I traveled to Monterey, California and what a gorgeous Saturday it was! While I shared with you my photos from the Monterey Bay Aquarium (which was the location of Hovden Cannery), part of the trip that I wanted to experience was at Cannery Row. Cannery Row is the waterfront street located right next to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Back in the early 1990’s, […]