The One about Comic Books I Never Knew I Had – Part 1 (The Inhumans)


When I was a young child, my mother used to keep me occupied by purchasing comic books, which I would read like crazy.

While I have not purchased a comic book for a very long time, I still reminisce of the old days each time I watch a superhero live-action film.

Unfortunately, I no longer have a lot of my collection of comic books.  Having sold many of them (primarily the popular titles for cheap – yes, including the first appearance of Deadpool and his first mini-series), I still manage to have titles which I acquired back then or saw it in a bin and purchased it very cheap.

As I was going through a box of my older comic books, I found comic books of Marvel’s “The Inhumans”.  I never recalled having these but obviously, I purchased them.  And now,  “The Inhumans” will be released as a Marvel live-action film in 2019.

I found two issues: “Amazing Adventures feat. The Inhumans and The Black Widow”issue 7  and an issue of “The Inhumans” issue 6.

For “Fantastic Four” fans, I remember the Inhumans have been one heck of a dysfunctional group. Each time they appeared, you hoped that Marvel would make them cool. Well, they tried incorporating their female characters into the “Fantastic Four” and “The Avengers” but there was something about “The Inhumans” that part of you hoped that writers would do something with these characters and make them awesome. But it seemed back in the day, obviously the writers weren’t sure how to make them appealing and so, they became background characters and never really became anything major.

I haven’t read any Inhumans comic books for a very long time, so I don’t know what they have done with the characters or their storyline. And because there is news of a live-action movie version, I would think that means they are probably cool for today’s superhero hungry audiences and possibly popular for today’s readers.

Too bad it wasn’t like that back then, as I did root for these characters because they were powerful but in terms of popularity, they were the underdogs.

As for “Amazing Adventures”, I wonder if pairing them with the Black Widow helped in comics sales back then. Probably not.

Nevertheless, I look forward to seeing “The Inhumans” movie whenever it’s released.