The One about the Reo 2-in-1 Salad Spinner


When it comes to the use of a salad spinner, I know there are people who love it and there are those who find it as a waste of money and shelf space.

To each their own, but I find salad spinners not just useful for salad, but they are great for drying out herbs, beans and literally other vegetables and fruits. And some people, use it to dry out pasta. And yes, people have found ways to use larger salad spinners to dry out certain clothes.

But for us, my wife and I are hardcore salad eaters and while we don’t eat much carbs, once in a while, we’ll get that craving for pasta/ramen/soba, etc., so we see a use for a salad spinner for drying out food that we eat.


And when it comes to salad spinners, it’s even better when you can get your money’s worth and with Reo 2-in-1 Salad Spinner, you are getting a large and small bowl (that come with a red large and small basket), a large and small lid and a top motor with locking mechanism on a countoured lever. Each bowl comes with a nonslip base.

It’s easy to use, unlock the switch on the salad spinner and with the contoured lever pointing up, press down and it will spin the red portion of the bowl. Meanwhile, you can use the top on the smaller bowl, using the included motor extension for the small basket and work things the same way.

The Reo Salad Spinner is dishwasher safe, while the motor (attached to the countoured lever) is recommended to be handwashed only.



Overall, the Reo Salad Spinner is very easy to use and does the job effectively. You get 2 bowls, large and small for under $40.

I know some may have a problem with the price, as other competitors sell a large bowl for under $20 and for those that are slightly more, they are stainless steel or from a well-known brand. If it was $30 for the Reo 2-in-1, I can see that price being much more attractive than $40 but looking at other prices from other major brands, the pricing is comparable and you get two.

It’s important to note that this is a push based spinner, instead of one you have to rotate and spin the lever. I had no problem with the locking mechanism and both large and small bowls work great.

Now I don’t want to give it perfect stars just yet, I want to thoroughly use this salad spinner as the months progress and see if this bowl handles the work for several weeks and months straight. So, I’ll come back to this review if I have any major updates.

But for now, the Reo 2-in-1 Salad Spinner works like a charm and it’s not just for salad and can be used effectively for other vegetables and fruits, pasta and more!