The One about the Casio Luxury Calculator – The S100


In the day of smart phones and tablets, one would not think that calculators are needed as much anymore.  And if you do, they are typically inexpensive.

But Casio believes there is a market for multi-function calculators and there are people who want to look distinguished with having one and so they have released the S100.

But when you think about it… there are few things that people may a lot for such as fountain pens and books.  And so, Casio has the S100 calculator (and of course, their popular line of G-Shocks).


As for the S100 calculator, made in Japan and utilizing aluminum alloy, Casio prides itself in creating a calculator with quick reaction time.

Also, a calculator that has commas, much better and slightly larger buttons utilizing a v-shaped flat gear link structure for better button pressing.

The calculator is solar powered (the battery lasts seven years) and it also features a double-sided anti-reflective coating.  A non-backlight screen with liquid crystal with better contrast and only 5,000 are made per year.

And while they were announced to be at 27,000 yen ($220), in Japan, looking at Amazon, the price is currently at 49,000 yen ($435).  And the reason for the high price is that there is demand and people have to wait nearly six months to a year until Casio releases them again.

Also, calculator users know that public perception for calculators are not like how they used to be.

While in the US, the Casio PRIZM calculators (which are graphic calculators with an LCD screen) are over $200, personally if you want an LCD screen, might as well use your smartphone.

I personally have spent a lot on a calculator (my case, it was a scientific calculator) before and strictly for my chemistry class, a long time ago, and it was one of the first to feature multi-lines and allowed for saving data to memory.

So, if you are in the market for a multi-function calculator and one that is not easy to find and is quite expensive, the Casio S-100 may be your cup of tea.