The One about my Final Visit to Tsukiji Fhish Market in Tokyo

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The Tsukiji Market (Tsukiji-shijo) has been the destination for fresh fish for chefs but also the destination for food lovers who wanted to try the best, freshest seafood in Tokyo. It’s possibly the most important foodie destination for seafood lovers visiting Tokyo.

This fall, Tsukiji Fish Market relocates to Toyosu, for many Japanese, the closure of Tsukiji Market is sad because the location has been around for several generations.








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For me, I had to visit Tsukiji Market and quite often, you want to choose a day where you can wake up early in the morning, head to the location as early as possible because foodies are ready to get in line and eat by 5:00 a.m.


I knew immediately that the #1 destination for foodies would be Sushi Dai and sure enough, by the time I got to Tsukiji Market, the line was incredibly long.


So, I had to skip on Sushi Dai as I was not going to wait 4-5 hours to get in, so I decided to try and give other restaurants such as Daiwa Sushi, Iwasa-zushi, Okame, Yamazaki and others a try, but also to get one look at the area one last time.

And as expected, the food was absolutely delicious. I love seafood and the many varieties of dishes to be found in the area is remarkable. But it was great to visit Tsukiji Market in the early morning and enjoy the market the best I can.


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Dennis A. Amith