The One about Sakura Hotel & Hostel (in Jimbocho)


With Japan coming down on Airbnb, I get asked the question of what hotel to stay in Tokyo, but also saving the most money and a room that’s not too small with good privacy.

There are many places to stay throughout Tokyo but the cheapest would be Sakura Hotel and Hostel.

There are four locations: Ikebukuro (which several of my friends have stayed at and enjoy), Hatagaya (close to Shinjuku and Harajuku), Jinbocho (where I stayed at) and for backpackers, there is Asakusa.

With Ikebukuro and Hatagaya being the popular go to areas, one thing that’s a plus with Ikebukuro is that you are near the station and you can ride the Yamanote Line.  Also, the Sakura Hotel and Hostel in Ikebukuro gives you a much bigger room with a bathroom.  Also, it’s bigger, so you have more access to laundry machines.

Whereas I stayed at Jimbocho because it’s closer to Tokyo Dome (for me to enjoy the baseball games) and in a more professional, business location.



Yes, they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.  But two Family Mart, Lawson and 7-11 are nearby.  As with many restaurants.


The room can fit your bed, your cases and there is a television and free wi-fi

The Sakura Hotel and Hostel in Jinbocho features a shared bathroom on each floor, only two laundry machines and instead of the Yamanote Line, you have to take the subway.  Personally, I thought it would be a hassle but instead, I enjoyed my stay at Jimbocho.  And the price I received for two weeks, I definitely saved a lot of money and it really helped as it allowed me to have much more money to use on shopping and more money for my Suica Card.

Here is a quick tour through the Sakura Hotel and Hostel in Jimbocho: