The One about the MERRITHEW Fitness Circle Flex


When it comes to pilates and building your strength and flexibility, a fitness circle really does a great job in building core stability.

I did have a few concerns as other fitness circles from other brands offered a 14″ and also slight concern with the handles but for its price, I was happy to test out the durability of the 12″ MERRITHEW Fitness Circle Flex.

Of course, it’s important to know that fitness circles are not for major resistance training but does a great job of working out your arms, legs, thighs and glutes.

There are a variety of exercises one can find on video social media sites and you can use this fitness circle for them.

The MERRITHEW Fitness Circle Flex is lightweight and portable.

Working on my obliques, quads and arms, for the most part, the fitness circle was durable and no sign of any stress on the plastic compound which is good. Again, I was hesitant because I wasn’t sure of the material and it was only 12″ but for the most part, the fitness circle worked well during my workout and quite pleased with it!