The One about the Organic Vegetable Garden


Typically, I would prepare my back yard by getting my vegetable garden ready by tilling and getting the soil all set.  Purchasing the seeds and begin planting them.

But unfortunately, due to the severe drought in California, I have been focusing on doing my part of not using up water and have avoided creating my garden for three straight years (the following photos are from 2012).

I have to admit, I really want to do it again but I have been doing research on what is needed in order to conserve water but still have a garden.

For one, I know already that I should keep my garden small, to avoid using a lot of water.

This is what I have read about planting vegetables during the drought:

  • Research your soil – Use organic compost and biochar to help retain water.
  • Choose vegetables carefully – Choose drought-tolerant vegetable plants that create more vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, okra, squash and eggplants.  Melons/watermelons are also drought-tolerant.
  • Irrigate early – Because temperatures are cooler and less water loss from evaporation.
  • Mulch – Apply up to 4 inches of mulch around plants which helps conserve soil moisture.
  • Remove weeds – Weeds compete with garden plants for water and nutrients, so remove as much as you can.

So, I will definitely do a few vegetables this year and hopefully all goes well!