The One about the MagnoGrip Pro Utility Magnetic Gloves


I had the opportunity to use the MagnoGrip Pro Utility Magnetic Gloves on a worksite and also doing work at home.

I have large hands, so was glad to know that size Large was good enough to fit on my hands. They fit perfectly and was able to do work with them and not feel any discomfort.

Had a few screws that were connected to the magnetic portion of the glove which worked very well. Even at one time, had to connect my Swiss Army knife real quick to the magnetic portion while I handled a call and it didn’t fall off at all.

For the most part, the glove is sturdy and like the grip placement. Also, liked the velcro strap on the bottom which kept the glove even more snug.

I really have no negative things to say about this glove. Comfort, great secure fit, useful magnetic portion and also, you can use this glove on a cell phone and tablet (this worked really well).

Overall, if you are working for a work glove for work or all the work around the house, I highly recommend the MagnoGrip Pro Utility Magnetic Glove!!!