The One about GEDmatch Archaic Matches


This one is rather interesting as I compared my DNA to ancient discoveries of people who had their DNA fully sequenced. At 0.5 cm (50 SNP), you see a few with strong connections. I took it down to 1.0 (100 SNPs) and we start to see the connections now beginning to limit itself to a few. At 3.0 and 4.0, a DNA connection limits itself to two possible descendants.

I’m looking for deep ancestral connections and the fact that I found two matches at 400 SNP’s is awesome!




For F999935, that is my strongest match from Ust’-Ishim, Siberia. The person is estimated to be around 45,000 years old. The Ust’-Ishim man is one of the early modern humans to inhabit western Siberia. The left femur of a male hunter-gatherer was found in 2008 protruding from the bank of the Irtysh River by Nikolai Peristov, a Russian sculptor who specializes in carving mammoth ivory.

As of right now, with carbon dating, F999935 is the oldest human fossil to be dated and the oldest modern human genome to be sequenced to date. Examination of the genome shows that it belonged to the same group of early humans as the Mal’ta boy, a four-year-old who lived 24,000 years ago along the Bolshaya Belaya River near today’s Irkutsk in Siberia and the La Brana skeleton of a hunter-gatherer who lived in La Brana, Spain about 8,000 years ago.

This relationship implies that Ust-ishim man belonged to the first wave of humans to migrate out of Africa into Eurasia, before or at the time when that population forked out to the east into Siberia and to the west in Europe. Ust-Isham man is more closely related to the East Asians of today than today’s Europeans.’-Ishim_man

I believe many people will find a DNA connection to F999935.

For F999918, that is the second strongest from Loschbour, Luxembourg, the person is estimated to be around 8,000 years old. The Late Mesolithic skeleton was found in a Loschbour rock shelter in Heffingen, Luxembourg (est. 6220-5990 BC). Loschbour belonged to Y haplogroup I2a1b* and mitochondrial haplogroup U5b1a.