The One about my DNA Results Part 2

Second round of my DNA results but this one being more detailed of my ancient DNA history.  Last week, after receiving my AncestryDNA, I downloaded and uploaded my data to GEDMatch. Running through various tests… Eurogenes K12 as expected showed an 88% of being East Asian and 8% South Asian. Eurogenes K36 is where I expected the Filipino ancestry to be even more broken down to Malay (not the ethnic […]

The One about my DNA Results Part 1

Old family photo Growing up, I always identified myself as Filipino American or Asian American. But when you get older, you start to wonder, why is it that my brother or my sister are lighter (which my mother is)?  Why does my grandfather kind of look Indian?  Where does my family originate from? And our last name, “Amith”… It doesn’t seem like it’s a common Filipino last name.  In fact, […]

The One about Stephen R. Covey

In life, everyone encounters personal and professional problems. I was in my late teens and as much enthusiasm that I had in life and wanting to make the best of it, my life hit a speed bump after the death of my grandmother. Needless to say, I was out of it for awhile, until a group of friends, professionals who were concerned because I lost my energy, my drive, stepped […]

The One about Consignment Stores in Akihabara

While many people flock to Akihabara to get their figurines, idol merchandise and video games, for those who are not interested in brand new items can take part in the various consignment shops that flourish around the city. Consignment shops featuring transparent boxes in a small shop that people can rent to sell their products or use them as showrooms to display their products or artwork. So for those trying […]

The One about Odaiba

Odaiba, the large artificial island in Tokyo Bay is known for the place where anime fans can find the Gundam statue (at Diver City), entertainment fans can find Fuji TV, idol fans can see their favorite idol group at Aqua City or where a lot of the major anime events are located. But the location is also popular for many music events, pop culture events and more. Odaiba is one […]

The One about the Lucerne Hotel in Lemoore, California

The Lucerne Hotel in Lemoore, California. Built in 1895 and is believed to be the oldest continually occupied commercial building in the small city.  And a building that was once considered long ago as one of the city’s social centers. If there is one thing about Lemoore, California, it’s their continuing support for businesses in the downtown area. Where many cities have a huge department store that has led to […]