The One about the OXO Foldaway Dish Rack


I have been using OXO products for awhile now and the OXO foldaway dish rack was very interesting to me, for an aesthetics approach but also, I like how the water goes through the inside rack and drips onto your sink.

The extra space for utensils is a plus as most dish racks give you one, this gives you two areas to put your utensils.

The plate rack holds plates and bowls and you also have a good center piece to add plates, bowls, etc.

The side tines were different, as I am used to putting cups on the outside. But it makes sense for this dish rack as the object is to have all water dripping through the dish rack and falling through the side to your sink. So, that’s a plus!

While I’m still a little skeptical on how this dish rack will do for our needs, considering that we like to stack so many things on our previous dish rack, we are giving it a try and the only thing worth noting is that the tines are inside, thus your cups may take more room than you would like. Thus, we do miss the cups hanging from the outside.

It does force us to be organized and not leaving things building up on the dish rack, I like how the water falls through the groves to the side dripper and back onto our sink. With that being said, makes me wonder if this dish rack can get a little slimy from residual drips in time.

But overall, it’s a pretty stylish, foldaway dish rack that I can definitely recommend! For those who like to hold big pots and pans on their dish rack, this is not the dish rack for you. But for those who are organized and keep few plates, bowls, cups, etc. will find the OXO Foldaway Dish Rack worth trying!