The One about KitchenAid Measuring Spoons


When it comes to finding kitchen products and for the budget-conscious individual looking for a measuring spoon for under $5, you can’t go wrong with KitchenAid’s Measuring Spoons.

Yes, there are many measuring spoons in the market and those that cost more, but I approach KitchenAid (and a few other competitors) Kitchen accessories and utensils as one who wants a product that works without having to spend too much.

KitchenAid Measuring Spoon are plastic, black and have legible gray markings (not engraved) to know what measurements they are and it’s pretty straightforward.


For under $5, if you accidentally break one, let a friend borrow it and they never return it, or the gray markings have fade out for years of overuse, no loss…buy another. It’s under $5 and you won’t break the bank.

And if you are a person who uses measuring spoons infrequently (I use mine to measure out flour usage for my almond flour pizza and getting the right measurements for almond flour and flaxseed flour, etc. or making Japanese okonomiyaki, every few months), then this spoon works out perfectly.

Overall, for those on a budget and looking for measuring spoons that are inexpensive and work, you can’t go wrong with these KitchenAi Measuring Spoons.