The One about the Topeak Survival Tool Wedge II


For anyone who cycles, especially long distances, there are two things they should have with them, a pump (or mini CO2 cannister) and tools.

Currently, my favorite to use is the Topeak Survival Tool Wedge II.

The Survival Tool Wedge is an updated and improved version of Topeak’s wedge pack and features a wrap around zipper, extra long 3M reflective strip for added saefty at night and a zippered expanding main compartment for added storage.  Also, includes a rain cover.

The Topeak Survival Tool Wedge II comes with 17 piece tool kit Includes 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6mm Allen wrenches, Phillips & flat screw drivers, 8 & 10mm open wrenches,14g, 15g, Mavic M7 & Shimano spoke wrenches, universal chain tool with chain hook, 2 tire levers & a glueless patch kit.

I also was able to fit another tube inside the compartment, so in case I get a flat and can’t patch up the tube, I have a backup.  So, it’s great the pack has added space.

But part of the reason why I bought this was for the multiple Allen wrenches, Phillips and flat screw driver, spoke wrench, universal chain tool and chain hook, 2 tire levers and a glueless patch kit.  So, I can repair the damage on the spot, which is important.

There is really nothing negative about the pack and its contents, because it comes with everything you expect from a survival pack and one to keep behind your seat.

BUT…there is something I really need to emphasize to people before purchasing this kit.

If you have been fitted by your bike by your local LBS and everything is set and perfect with how your saddle position is, there may be one caveat.

For both my road bikes, my saddle is set where most of the saddle’s bars (which the Wedge Pack should connect to) are in the front not on the back. This is problematic because for some people, they may need to scoot their saddle back to expose the bar in order for the Wedge Pack to be installed.

For me, this is problematic in the sense that for me, I have my saddle set for comfort. I have had my saddles set perfectly for my ride and will not mess with that. Setting the saddle back a few inches and I would have to sacrifice that comfort and really stretch my arms for a long part of my ride and sacrificing comfort is unacceptable.

Mounting it on bike was a bit tricky, because of the saddle that I have.  I had to move the saddle up a bit, that it doesn’t affect my riding, but I was able to mount the Topeak Survival Tool Wedge II’s QuickClick mount F25 easily.

But for those who can deal with moving around your seat in order to fit the adapter for the pack, you should be fine.

But the first thing I would do is to find if you have the bars underneath the saddle (where it’s at it’s most thinnest), if you have a good amount of it towards the rear your fine. If most of it is in the front, then you’ll be in my position and it can be problematic.

Also, if you use rear lights. While you probably can get by with a Lezyne Micro rear light, one that’s small, you’ll be fine. But for Cycliq Fly 6 Rear Light/Camera users, depending on your bike, you may not be able to use your Fly 6 because the pack may be in the way.

But I just want to say that of the survival repair kits out there for bike riders that costs under $50, this is one of the best out there…but before you purchase, you need to make sure you have the additional bar for the latch to connect to.

If you don’t and don’t want to mess with your saddle settings that have been fit to you, then I recommend a repair kit that mounts under the top of your frame or an underneath saddle version in which it uses straps to wrap around the bag and the saddle bars versus having an adapter.

Otherwise, there is an alternative. You can possibly mess around and do a little DIY.

But overall, The Topeak II Survival Tool Wedge Pack is highly recommended!