The One about the MXL MM160 Lavalier Microphone

The MXL MM160 Lavalier Microphone for Smartphones is a wonderful way for one to record audio with their cel phone, tablet and really anything that has a 3.5 mm input (for mic or headphones) and you have a good audio recorder. I’ve tested this on an Android smart phone using a voice recorder and also on audacity, Sound Studio and audio recorder and the lavalier mic worked perfectly. The main […]

The One about Ang Lee’s “The Ice Storm”

Today’s Thanksgiving selection goes to “The Ice Storm” directed by Ang Lee. “The Ice Storm” is a sinfully, delightful film. Each of the characters featured in the film are deeply flawed and there is no sense of moralistic behavior. Everyone seems to be miserable or acting out and while in today’s society, one can see these characters receiving some counseling or a trip to the psychiatrist. But this film was […]

The One about Jean-Luc Godard’s “Weekend”

In 1967, Jean-Luc Godard officially ended “bourgeois” narrative filmmaking. A man that was now dedicated in being the voice of the students, the workers, the voice of to rebel against the government, the world and even his fellow filmmakers. While Godard had hints of rebelliousness through his previous films, the tension felt in France in 1967 and Godard’s work would be the predecessor of the May 1968 protests in France. […]

The One about Zojoji Temple (in Minato)

  If you are heading to Tokyo Tower, right across the street is the Zozoji Temple. The Buddhist temple is located in the Shiba neighborhood of Minato, Tokyo and it is the Great Main Temple of the Chinzei branch of Jodo-shu Buddhism. Back in 1393, the Zojoji temple was founded as an orthodox and fundamental nembutsu seminary for Jodo shu. The temple was relocated to its present site in 1598 […]

The One about the Topeak Survival Tool Wedge II

For anyone who cycles, especially long distances, there are two things they should have with them, a pump (or mini CO2 cannister) and tools. Currently, my favorite to use is the Topeak Survival Tool Wedge II. The Survival Tool Wedge is an updated and improved version of Topeak’s wedge pack and features a wrap around zipper, extra long 3M reflective strip for added saefty at night and a zippered expanding […]

The One about Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis”

Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis” is just incredible. What is amazing is that this 84-year old film has literally caught the attention of cinema fans from various generations throughout several decades. With each restoration, there is always something new to find in this film and literally, within these last 80+ years, we get closer and closer to the complete “Metropolis” and if for some reason a negative exists of the film out […]

The One about Daien-Ji Temple in Meguro

I went to Meguro in Tokyo to look for the Daien-Ji temple. In 1615, a temple was created to honor two groups. One is a small temple connecting trees to commemorate stillborn, miscarried children and aborted fetuses. The second is a tribute to the 14,700 people who died in the “Great Meiwa Fire” of 1772. The Great Meiwa fire was the second of the great three fires in the Edo […]