The One about Balega Running Socks


When it comes to running socks, a lot of the apparel companies that deal with fitness have their own type of running sock.

But among that competitive crowd, Balega Hidden Comfort Socks have a great reputation among many runners.

Created in South America , Balega uses Drynamix Air Conditioning Fabric System Moisture Manager which allows free movement of airflow ensuring cool and dry feet.

Balega prides itself on Moh-Rino which keeps people warm in winter and cool in summer and aids in the prevention of sheer friction blisters.

Balega also prides itself on having the lightest sock in the planet and utilizing PWT (Performance Wool Technology) which allows moisture to evaporate from the skin.

Also Enduro VTech is the #2 top seller in the US and #1 top seller in the UK.

And last, all Balega socks are pre-washed and each are inspected by hand.  And you get a picture of the person who inspected your socks via a small sticker on the sock.

For $10, you get a pair of the lightest socks in the planet.

These socks are extremely comfy and I have used them during my run and absolute love the feel.  No blistering, no sweat and I can vouch that these socks live up to its excellent standard and why it has a great reputation.

If you are looking for a running/walking sock, definitely give Balega socks a try! Recommended!