The One about Vichy Deodorant


Vichy Roll-On Deodorant is an interesting product. Containing Zinc Gluconate which the company says neutralizes odors and also is infused with mineral-rich volcanic water.  Also, the product is aluminum and salts-free.

Of course, seeing the $17+ price tag and how small this deodorant was, I became even more skeptical.

A lot of products marketed overseas tend to have many claims but for this deodorant from Cutting Edge International, that in 1931, Dr. Haller, a medical director at the thermal treatment center in Vichy, France, discovered the virtues of Vichy thermal Spa Water on skin. Water from 4000 meters below the earth’s surface that is infused with 15 beneficial mineral and antioxidants.

Whether or not this is true, I’ll give the company the benefit of the doubt, as I have with Perrier Water and other companies as well with bold claims.

What matters to me was if the product worked. I have used the product for nearly a week and I have to admit, it worked very well. In fact, it kept me dry throughout work, it kept me dry through my several mile run, it kept me dry during my several mile route for cycling and it kept me dry during my workouts.

This definitely caught my attention because while I have used very good deodorants, towards the end of the long workday and workout session, I tend to see the protection start to drop off. This one kept at it for a long time.

The deodorant was not overpowering, nor was it difficult on my sensitive skin. It worked extremely well!

But what it will come down to is the buyer. This is a small deodorant at 1.69 oz. and it costs $17. Some may say it’s worth it at that price, others will see the price and move-on to something cheaper.

But basing off my experience with the deodorant, it worked extremely well!  But truth be told, I’m just not crazy about the price.