The One about the UE BOOM 2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Phantom Edition


While I have not experimented on various bluetooth speakers like the UE BOOM 2, from my personal experience of using this device, I can easily say that my first experience with this device has been wonderful.

The first thing I did was test it on an iPhone 6 and an HTC Android phone and pairing was quite easy. Click on the button on top and go to your phone settings and it discovers the device and pair it via Bluetooth. So easy!

It’s important to note that if you have multiple devices, it’s best not to have them all on, if you want to switch one off to use the UE BOOM 2.

But it’s very easy to use and this thing is quite loud and sounds crystal clear.


For my first time testing it over many hours non-stop, while I worked in the garage, this device was going strong for more than 10 hours (it supposedly has a 15 hour battery life) and I was running from my Mac to the garage, which is about 75 ft. and through a wall and still the signal was clear. I was able to play Internet radio, YouTube and other media from my devices with no problem.

It was easy to pause, skip through a song. I also tested with my iPad, HP Slate and LG Android tablet with no problems.

If there was any difficulty, the hardest part was trying to figure out how to open the case in which the speaker was stored. But other than that, using this speaker right out of the case and also later recharging is quite simple (it comes with a 3 foot USB cord and adapter) and quick.

The app for iOS and Android are similar and both are easy to use, pair multiple UE BOOM 2, set sound settings and more.

And also updating the speaker was quite easy as well.

While I didn’t want to chance the waterproof test, everything about this speaker has worked wonderfully.

The cylindrical style is quite stylish.


For its price and its crystal clear sound, the UE BOOM 2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is fantastic for those who want something simple and inexpensive. Up to 15 hours and ease of use is a plus. While, I’m not an erudite on Bluetooth speakers, nor do I own anything else to compare it with, I can say that it’s not bass heavy, it’s more average. It does deliver with 360 sound and is quite loud.

I haven’t had problems with Bluetooth pairing, nor did I have a problem nor have I had dropoffs. The only thing is switching to various Bluetooth devices. It’s first come first serve of which device utilizes the UE BOOM 2 for pairing, but this is easily remedied by turning off a device or unpair it.

For those considering it, it shows that the device works for iOS devices but it does work for Android devices as well. Pretty much most things that have Bluetooth where you can pair it with this speaker.

But for my experience alone, I absolutely am enjoying this UE BOOM 2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and can easily recommend it!