The One about the Perfect Fitness Bands Pro with Tendon Tech


I have been using fitness bands for my workout for years. Strength bands to work out my arms and legs and I also have suffered the wack on the face when the hooks of those bands detach.

While bands do show reliability and there are makers who have found ways to get away from those hook-based versions, I felt that I had to try the Perfect Fitness Bands Pro utilizing Tendon Tech (with interwove elasticity) and see how they would work out for resistance training.

The first thing I did is download the guide which can be found here:

And immediately you can find workouts such as the “Double Bicepts” which you step on the center of the bands and lift the bands upward. Did the Power Punch by wrapping it around my lower back and doing punches. And also “Overhead Lat Pulldowns” and everything that I expected it to do, I was able to combine these workouts for my 15 minute workout.

It’s important to note that I have two dogs and by no means, did I see hair sticking to it, let alone my wife’s hair sticking to the bands. I don’t think this would be difficult for me to clean out either, run it through hot soapy water and let it dry and I think it would be good to go after cleaning.

As for comments of how this can swing back and hit you, yeah, if you accidentally let go, I can see it happening, but compared to other fitness bands, at least I know that it would be my fault for not holding it correctly versus other bands, where the hooks just snap out for no reason and whack me in the face. So, I would rather use this alternative and I haven’t had problems with it at all.

At the moment, I will give it a four because I want to work out with the Perfect Fitness Bands Pro with Tendon Tech a bit longer and see how it works during my workout and how it continues to work months from now.

UPDATE: A few of the inner band structures have broken off but I’m still able to do workouts on the flex bands.

But so far, these fitness bands have provided me wonderful workouts, no accidental slips where I got hurt by it. So, for now, I definitely recommend the Perfect Fitness Bands Pro!