The One about Five Weeks Later


I look at this burger and I think about 1) “Wow, I ate that!?” and 2) how, as a foodie, I wanted to try various restaurants in different parts of the world. It was something I enjoyed doing with friends and family.

But as I have told friends within the last five weeks… “my foodie days are over”.

I know there has been quite a bit of concern by friends my weight loss and some wondering if I’m sick.

Back then, I would eat whatever and as long as I didn’t go up a pant size or stayed in the same weight, I didn’t fret all that much.

But from April-August 2015, I was bad.

Eating out at various restaurants, after over a decade of not really drinking anything sugary or with caffeine, I was back at it and I noticed even the stomach was bulging, the pants were getting a bit tighter around the waist. I knew I had to stop…get back in shape but unfortunately, I waited too long.

I have been a yo-yo dieter for many years. Anytime I noticed my pants or shirts getting tighter…I eat healthy, lose the weight. I’m fine again. No big deal, I do it so many times.  But I get bored eating healthy, eating salads and other foods over and over again and a few months its fine but then I want to eat this and that with no care and gain the weight back. (You can repeat this over and over, and that’s how my life has been every few years when it comes to weight gain/weight loss).

Suffice to say, in August, as I have posted on here, I had to undergo several medical tests. Wasn’t sure if I had indigestion problems, didn’t know if I had cancer…but I was in pain for not days but weeks. Fortunately, no cancer but I received my diagnosis and it was not what I expected (well, I did expect the high blood sugar…because of all the Gatorade I was drinking), but it was not good and if it got worse, I would need a liver transplant or end up dying.

There is no more yo-yo dieting for me anymore. There is no eating or drinking carelessly. In fact, the choices I have when it comes to eating are much less than a Type-2 diabetic.  But that’s fine, I’m dedicated, more focused in getting better.  And while, I don’t look at what I’m doing as a diet, I call it more of a lifestyle change done clearly for my health and for survival.

As for the 1200 calorie max, I chose that for myself…but being careful about it. I have now lost 25 pounds since August, my shirts are looser, pants are starting to fall of, seeing definition in my arms and my abs, my wedding ring no longer fits, suffice to say, I’m at the lightest I have ever been in years. But I still have ways to go.

But I want to say how grateful I am to family and friends for their support. And I know some friends worry about what they should eat in front of me or what location or restaurant to have business meetings…

Personally, you can eat what you want (I’m not one to tell you what to eat or not to eat), but as long as I have access to water, fruits/veggies, I’m all good (yes, I’m hardcore at calorie counting these days, but it’s all good). And no, I’m not going to feel tortured if you eat steak or pizza in front of me. Lol… I actually don’t crave it anymore. But if you are seeing me post a lot of healthy things on social media or my blog as of late…please don’t get too turned off by it.