The One about the Almond Flour Pizza

My continued search for low carb, low fat, or low to no sugar meals continues… This time….it’s Almond Flour Pizza!  Well, somewhat…couldn’t find actual almond flour (have to special order it online), but I did find almond meal/flour via Bob’s Red Mill. I tried out a recipe which I modified slightly… 1 Cup Shredded low fat/low calorie Mozzarella Cheese 2 Cups of Almond Flour 4 Tablespoons Ground Golden Flaxseed 1 […]

The One about the Meal Prepping

I started to prepare my own meal pres on Sundays. While I have been doing well with weight loss, I wanted to have more control with what I was eating and knowing how much or when to stop.  And so I decided to go with containers. I know there are special containers available that are color coordinated for other diets, for me, it was staying strict to containers and also […]

The One About the Cauliflower Pizza (First Attempt)

Cauliflower Pizza? Yes, you read that correctly. As my days of eating wheat/bread/pasta/grains are no more, friends have recommended me to try Cauliflower pizza. For the cauliflower mix, just a head of cauliflower (3 eggs – I used one egg per cup) and oregano, little salt and pepper. While I can’t eat tomato sauce due to the fructose (unless I can find something natural or decide to make my own), […]

The One about the Low Carb Zucchini Spaghetti

Recently, I purchased a little device to make low carb zucchini spaghetti. It’s a pretty simple dish as I put the zucchini in a pan, after using the device and cooked in a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper for around five minutes or so. Great to eat with salmon or chicken breast, but rather tasty and easy to make. For those not familiar with zucchini, although […]

The One about Street Jack Magazine

Many years ago, when it came to men’s shopping magazines, I used to purchase “Vitals Man” and “Cargo Magazine”. These magazines were literally the goto magazines during the mid-2000’s that told men where to shop for a variety of products plus articles that appealed to different men… while “Vitals Man” was more on the high end and more mature, “Cargo Magazine” was for the men in their ’20s or ’30s.  […]

The One about Ray-Ban’s being made in Italy but also in China

As a proud owner of Ray-Ban eyewear, I have loved seeing the “Made in Italy” right next to the Ray-Ban logo. Recently, I had to purchase eyeglasses and fell in love with the Ray-Ban Optics RB 7014.  Selected the frame and really looked forward to receiving my eyeglasses, especially with the  “Made In Italy” words on it. But to my surprise, I saw the following: Yes… “Made in China”… I […]