The One about Lu Chuan’s “City of Life and Death”

For many years, I have been waiting for a powerful film that would show people of the atrocities that took place from December 1937-January 1938 in the capital city of Nanking. While there have been several films on what occurred in Nanking over seventy years ago, young writer/director Lu Chuan accomplished what many felt he couldn’t do, to create a realistic portrayal of the genocide. Known as the Nanking Massacre […]

The One about Shirin Neshat’s “Women Without Men”

For many Americans, especially today, we often don’t understand why certain countries have strained relations.  Some look at cultural differences, religious differences but when it comes to the United States and Iran, many will look towards history and see 1953 as a year that the relationship between Iran and the United States to change and 50-years-later, tension between the countries continue. For those who grew up during that time, after […]

The One about Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa

In Asakusa is where Senso-ji Temple (or Asakusa Kannon Temple) is located. The legend of the temple is that in the year 628, two brothers who were fishing, retrieved the statue of Kannon (the Goddess of Mercy) out of the Sumida River. Each time they put the statue back in the river, it would keep coming back to them. So, Sensoji was built nearby for the Goddess of Kannon. Made […]

The One about the Clear Men’s Deep Hydration Shampoo

My first experience using “CLEAR Men Scalp and Hair Anti-Dandruff Shampoo” was quite positive. Liked the way the shampoo bottle opens and prevents leakage. The shampoo was actually quite thick, so I personally didn’t need a lot as the lather was very good with just a little squeezed into your hands. The smell is not strong, nor does it smell like medicine. While I do like shampoo’s that give you […]

The One about @Home Cafe (in Akihabara)

I went with a few friends to experience a maid cafe in Akihabara. We went to @Home Cafe, which is well-known in Akiba.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t take any photos inside, but that’s how a lot of maid cafe’s are in Japan. @Home Cafe is located right near Kotobukiya and cost about 600 yen for 30 minutes and you’ll need to pay extra for the food and drinks and photo with […]

The One about the Actron CP9599 U-Scan OBD II and CAN Code Scanner

Having used the wired Actron CP9550 for years, I was looking forward to the CP9599 U-Scan. While it took me a while to figure out how to remove the code scanner from it’s case, finding and downloading the app to my Android phone was easy. What you get is a free app that performs a QuickCheck to diagnose and reset your check engine light, view emission status and read code […]

The One about Yokohama Landmark Tower Sky Garden

One of the coolest places to shoot photos from a tall structure in Japan is in Yokohama at the Landmark Tower’s Sky Garden. Located on the top in the 69th floor is the Landmark Tower Yokohama observation deck (Yokohama Sky Promenade) which is 273m high. The Landmark Tower has the fastest elevator in Japan as you can go 750m per minute and it only takes 40 seconds from the 2nd […]