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The One about International Men’s Fashion Magazines: Free & Easy (JAPAN) September 2015 issue

When it comes to men’s fashion magazines, I tend to read and look at a lot of magazines internationally. I try to look at various styles and try to incorporate it to my own. But in July, I was perusing Ralph Lauren’s online magazine and there was an article on a Japanese men’s fashion magazine called “Free & Easy”. The article was written by Bloomingdale’s fashion director Josh Peskowitz, the article really caught my interest […]

The One about Omurice

My attempts at omurice art. Failed. But it sure did taste good! For those not familiar with omurice, this is yoshoku (western-influenced style of Japanese cuisine) which is an omelet with fried rice inside.  And on top of the omurice is typically ketchup, but many restaurants are now utilizing various types of sauces and you can variety of omurice at various restaurants in Japan. Here are a few photos I ate during my trip a […]

The One about the Samsung UN50JS7000 50-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2015 Model)

With the release of 4K televisions, many videophiles who craved for 4K wanted to hold off until the prices became more affordable. Then at CES, Samsung announced that they would be releasing affordable 4K televisions as part of their series 7 (7000) line. So, let’s take a look at the Samsung UN50JS7000 50″ 4K Ultra HD television (49.5 measured diagonally) I. UNBOXING Upon unboxing the UN50JS7000, you get the stand and a few screws. So, […]

The One about Tokyo Tower (1972/2015)

In 2013, I discovered photos that my father took on top of Tokyo Tower back in 1972. I was so curious about the differences of the locations of where he took photos back in 1972 and to see how much has changed in 2015. The staff at Tokyo Tower were quite helpful as they were willing to help me locate the area where my father’s photos were taken and even they were shocked but also […]

The One about Lu Chuan’s “City of Life and Death”

For many years, I have been waiting for a powerful film that would show people of the atrocities that took place from December 1937-January 1938 in the capital city of Nanking. While there have been several films on what occurred in Nanking over seventy years ago, young writer/director Lu Chuan accomplished what many felt he couldn’t do, to create a realistic portrayal of the genocide. Known as the Nanking Massacre and also the “Rape of […]