The One about Osanbashi in Yokohama


Yokohama is one of the most beautiful cities I have been to numerous times. And the port city is a popular destination and not far from Tokyo.

But for those who want to experience Yokohama (and have good walking shoes on) and are near Minato Mirai 21, take the walk to Osanbashi, which is not far from China Town, Yamashita Park.







The area features an outdoor event plaza, rooftop plaza and visitors deck. But personally, it’s one of the most romantic locations to visit and also get a great site of the Yokohama skyscrapers. Day or night, it’s a location that tourists and photographers should visit!

I do caution that although there are trollies that visit the area every half hour or so and also taxi cabs, they are often packed, so to get to this location requires a lot of walking.  Just make sure that you have good walking shoes before going to this area, because you may be in pain after the end of the day as the nearest station is a long way from this location.

For more information on Osanbashi, please click here.