The One about the Contigo Shake and Go Fit Mixer Bottle


I have been looking for a shake mixing bottle for my whey protein isolate or soy protein shakes.

Something that is 22-ounces, easy to use, easy to clean but most of all, something that would cut the crud out of my shakes.

I realize that Contigo makes a “Shake and Go Fit Mixer Bottle” that has a rounded bottom that reduces clump buildup but also has a weighted ball that when you shake the bottle, it easily breaks down the clump buildups.  It’s important of course, to make sure the snap portion on top is properly sealed before shaking, as I have found out numerous times with liquid getting on my workout clothes or on the floor.

But for the most part, the lid is leak proof as stated and the plastic is quite tough as I have dropped it several times and the bottle has held up well.

There is nothing negative I can say about this bottle as it works as intended and at under $8, it’s definitely one of the better shake and mix bottles in the market.