The One about International Men’s Fashion Magazines: Free & Easy (JAPAN) September 2015 issue


When it comes to men’s fashion magazines, I tend to read and look at a lot of magazines internationally.

I try to look at various styles and try to incorporate it to my own.

But in July, I was perusing Ralph Lauren’s online magazine and there was an article on a Japanese men’s fashion magazine called “Free & Easy”.

The article was written by Bloomingdale’s fashion director Josh Peskowitz, the article really caught my interest as the editor of the magazine used the words “unfashionable fashion” and how they tend to focus on American clothing (traditional East Coast style) and accessories and not what is popular today.

That was enough to capture my interest and make a purchase on Amazon Japan and I ordered the latest issue #203, an issue focusing on Dad’s Style 2015 Autumn.

And sure enough, I loved it!

IMG_8918 IMG_8920

The magazine is well-produced and for this issue, it focuses on various individuals who tend to be in their ’30s, ’40s, ’50s and older but are fashionable.  We get to see the various clothing that they are sporting like other fashion magazines but instead of male models, these guys are professionals (and yes, of various shapes and sizes).

But this caught my interest as I’m no longer in the category of Tokyo Street Style for those in their older teens or ’20s and so I try to look for men’s fashion magazines that reach out to readers like myself and this magazine does just that!

Like most mens fashion magazines, you will find articles on sunglasses and watches, as well as hair products.  But the magazine targets more of a distinguished readership and so, you’ll find articles on pens, homes, home theater systems and more.

But once again, some of the products may be affordable, this magazine is for the distinguished gentleman.

It’s important to note that if you (are living outside of Japan) want to purchase this magazine on Amazon Japan, you’ll need to pre-order because once street-date hits, Amazon no longer sells it and your only option is to purchase on sites such as cdjapan.

The price is a little over $8 (US) an issue, so it’s a bit more than regular men’s fashion magazines but you pay for the quality and you aren’t bombarded with advertisements either.

But overall, I love this magazine and it features content that I am definitely interested in!

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