The One about Omurice


My attempts at omurice art. Failed. But it sure did taste good!

For those not familiar with omurice, this is yoshoku (western-influenced style of Japanese cuisine) which is an omelet with fried rice inside.  And on top of the omurice is typically ketchup, but many restaurants are now utilizing various types of sauces and you can variety of omurice at various restaurants in Japan.

Here are a few photos I ate during my trip a few months ago in Japan:

For my not so gorgeous version of omurice…

I first put rice in the rice cooker.

Then on the oven, I first cooked the chicken and made it a little crispy. Then I cooked shrimp. I put the chicken and shrimp away in a bowl and proceeded to cook the onions (caramelized), mushrooms, green peppers.

When the rice was done, I put everything in a bowl and added about a quarter of the bottle of Heinz ketchup and mixed everything.

Used about 3-4 eggs which I put in a bowl and stirred very well to make sure all was yellow and put it in the pan. Waited until cooked and then turned off pan, put mixture in the middle, flipped the egg and slid it to a plate.

It was delish!