The One about the Samsung UN50JS7000 50-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2015 Model)


With the release of 4K televisions, many videophiles who craved for 4K wanted to hold off until the prices became more affordable.

Then at CES, Samsung announced that they would be releasing affordable 4K televisions as part of their series 7 (7000) line.

So, let’s take a look at the Samsung UN50JS7000 50″ 4K Ultra HD television (49.5 measured diagonally)


Upon unboxing the UN50JS7000, you get the stand and a few screws. So, make sure you have a Phillips screwdriver handy. Putting the stand together is simple and easy.

Immediately, you will notice that the television features 4 HDMI 2.0 inputs (all are HDCP 2.2 compatible), 1 component video, RF input, optical digital audio output, stereo minijack output (For soundbars or home stereo system), Ethernet port, 3 USB inputs (one is dedicated for Samsung UHD media player, while others can be used for a camera or thumb drive).


My setup is different as I have everything going from my DVR to my Pioneer 7.2 receiver. But for those who watch via cable and want to set their television up, it’s not difficult. Setting up the TV to run via hardwire or WiFi is easy to setup and downloading the apps doesn’t take too long with a fast Internet connection.

Samsung’s UN50JS7000 is similar to their other line of Smart TV. Press the Smart Hub button on the remote and you can access YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus and many other apps.

For those who have never owned a Samsung HDTV, one of the first things you will want to do is turn off “Auto Motion Plus” (go to Picture–>Picture Options) otherwise, everything is going to look like a soap opera (or BBC sitcom). For videophiles, you can also turn off Film Mode, Digital Clean View and MPEG Noise Filter.


At this current time, there are not many 4K sources. Amazon and Netflix are currently in the front seat of 4K content. A few shows such as “House of Cards” and a few films (such as “Ghostbusters”, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”) are presented via 4K at this time and they look great. But since this is a 50″ TV, can I tell the difference between watching these films on Blu-ray via 1080p and 4K? Not really. They look great, but I have read that the difference in 4K quality can be seen much clearly especially via 4K projector on a larger 100-inch or larger screen.

Unfortunately, I don’t currently own a 4K Blu-ray player or a Dish Network 4K set top unit but aside from Netflix and Amazon, I was able to do some tests on YouTube (the Costa Rica 4K UHD clip looks amazing).
But there is no doubt that 4K looks amazing, it’s just that it will take a commitment from owners to invest in a 4K Blu-ray player, media unless you watch via web streaming and have a great connection to the Internet.

I did do tests on 4K mastered Blu-rays and they still look great on Samsung’s UN50JS7000.

But this television features Samsung’s latest breakthrough of backlight technology. Anfd instead of white light, the LED produces blue light and utilizes Samsung’s quantum technology and is supposedly producing 20% richer colors and a brighter picture.

The television also features UHD 4K upscaling so video from a Blu-ray player, video games, cable or satellite, and so far I have been quite pleased.

And another plus is that the television features a quad-core processor for web browsing. I’ve used the TV for occasional browsing and so far, I have also been pleased with the speed, moreso via hardwired but wifi was quite quick for web browsing on this television. But for businesses who do webinars or presentations via web, may want to look towards this 4K TV as an investment as well.


For anyone in the market for a 4K TV will no doubt love the price of the Samsung Series 7 7000 televisions (50, 55, 60).

While most people who own an awesome 1080p television may not want to jump the 4K wagon just yet, for people or companies in the market for a new television will definitely want to purchase this TV, as they will have the 4K technology and will be able to utilize the technology as 4K becomes more widely available. But also for those who also want awesome picture quality and SmartTV functions.

Personally for me, I think it’s awesome that Samsung has made 4K televisions much more affordable.

I absolutely am impress with this television that despite having a larger 1080p television, this 50″ outperforms my other television not just in functions but also in picture quality. My Blu-rays and even programs look so much better on the UN50JS7000.

There really is nothing negative that I have to say about this television. Price, functionality and picture quality makes this 4K television worth owning.

Highly recommended!