The One about @Home Cafe (in Akihabara)



I went with a few friends to experience a maid cafe in Akihabara.

We went to @Home Cafe, which is well-known in Akiba.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t take any photos inside, but that’s how a lot of maid cafe’s are in Japan.

@Home Cafe is located right near Kotobukiya and cost about 600 yen for 30 minutes and you’ll need to pay extra for the food and drinks and photo with a maid.

The main drinks are Y7570 to Y1000 and then you can ask for a latte in which a maid will draw something for you, which costs around Y680.

The meals cost around Y800-Y1200 and the maids will have a discussion with you.  You have different maids who will visit you and will share their moe magic with you.

You can play a game with the maid and take a picture with them afterward, which they will write and share with you.

If you are lucky, they may perform for you, depending on your moe.


While I wasn’t too sure how to express my moe, she showed me enough to get my “moe” on for the photo.

For the most part, I had fun for the thirty minutes experienced at a maid cafe and as there are so many more in Akihabara, there was shopping to do and this was the only maid cafe I would experience for this trip.  But I’ll be sure to try another one and see how that goes.

For more information on @Home Cafe, please click here.