The One about V.I.P. Pizza in Tulare, California

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Once in awhile, I travel through Tulare and stop by V.I.P. Pizza.

A great place to watch sports games and eat pizza, but most of all, coming by and taking advantage of the lunch buffet.

It’s important to note that this is not like Round Table lunch buffet, with several pizzas all ready to go. Also, the pizzas are similar to Me n Ed’s, in terms of the way it’s cooked, and it’s quite delicious!

Because there are a good number of people there during lunch, they tend to have 2-3 pizzas ready (most of the time) and then there is the salad bar and breadsticks.

Recently, it was my first experience in which they kept running out of pizza as many people were there and had mostly salad and breadsticks, waiting for more pizza to come out. But by the time I got in line, the pizza was gone. But that was a rare occasion.

Also, the price did go up for buffet lunch from $9.25 to $10, which is still very good.

But I really do enjoy eating at V.I.P. Pizza. and the staff are very courteous.  Also, enjoyed the family atmosphere.

A cool pizzeria and definitely worth visiting if you are hungry for pizza.