The One about the Historic Mayfair Hotel


Perhaps there are ghosts in the building?

As I told myself, as me and a friend stayed at the Historic Mayfair Hotel, a 1926 hotel that retains its old look but inside things have been modernized.

While we went to this hotel to commute to the Los Angeles Convention Center for E3, the price was fantastic and for the most part, not often do I get a chance to stay in a hotel this old.

The view outside of the hotel was mostly apartments or parking lots, so not the greatest view of Los Angeles.

While we were able to walk to restaurants (about a mile away), what kind of freaked me out were certain noises (no, I’m not going to say this hotel is haunted)…but suffice to say, I went two days with not much sleep.

Perhaps, I was too paranoid or a bit creeped out but I was unable to sleep at all.

Needless to say, the room was adequate for two people and for its price during E3, it was hard to beat the price.

But it was the first time I booked a hotel which I couldn’t sleep that well. But nevertheless, for its value and the fact it’s old and historic, may appeal to others looking for an inexpensive hotel.