The One about Aura Outdoor Products Silicone Heat Resistant Grill Gloves


When I first saw these Aura Outdoor Products Silicone Heat Resistant Grill Gloves….the first thing came to my mind was if these gloves were for real? I mean, heat resistant up to 425 degrees?

So, I decided to give these gloves a try. First, with a few things I baked in the oven. Broiled some veggies and also made a pizza and used these gloves and trusted they work. Otherwise, I’m in for trouble.

And sure enough, I picked up these hot trays with no problem.  No doubt, I will be using these gloves because the fact that I didn’t burn my hands or feel scared of holding very hot trays, that’s a plus!

The gloves fit well, but because they are rubber, not the kind you want to wear all that long or they can get all sweaty. But for those short moments of going in and doing your job on the grill or pulling a hot tray out of the oven, these gloves work extremely well!

Overall, I dig these silicone heat resistant gloves. Sure, I would imagine some would prefer them in other colors outside of black, but for those wanting gloves too cook that are heat resistant up to 425 degrees, these gloves are recommended!