The One about the Vanguard PRO T40 Shooting Tripod


Vanguard is a reputable company when it comes to photo and video-related products for over 26-years and when it comes to tripods, the company’s reputation is partly due to the quality of their tripods. Vanguard has continued to grow as a company and now integrating an optics-line which have won over hunting and bird watching enthusiasts, the company continues to thrive.

But in this day and age where there is plenty of competition when it comes to tripods, fortunately Vanguard is known for its quality for their monopods, tripods, mounts and ball and pan heads.

The product that I am reviewing is the Pro T40, a tripod that functions as a firearm tripod and a DSLR/Video and spotting cope lens tripod, bipod and also as a shooting stick. For those looking for a tripod with various functions, I will be comparing the Vanguard Pro T40 and the Vanguard Quest T62U and hopefully one of these will be what you are looking for.



Inside the package is the Pro T40 tripod. The Quest T62U is an all-in-one tripod, bipod and monopod with removable leg. The Pro T40 is a only a tripod but it does have quick flip leg locks and adjustable spikes and adjustable anti-slip rubber feet for use in outdoor terrain. And when you extend the legs, there is side measurement ruler to show the depth (inches/cm).

The leg adjust is 50 and 80 angles and you can easily remove the yoke to incorporate a DSLR, point & shoot or video camera and also a spotting scope, as it comes with a 1/4″ tread bolt. Also, its important to note that the Quest T62U has an adjustable base for those devices that need more tread, the Pro T40 has a thicker base (which is great, knowing your DSL, scope is set on a solid base)….BUT it is not removable if one needs more tread from the 1/4 tread bolt. More than likely you won’t need to worry about this.

There is a detachable yoke which turns 360 degrees and has a lever that can extend the Yoke to 160 degrees, 120 degrees and 80 degrees. The Yoke itself tough plastic with the inner yolk with rubber grips. Compared to the Quest T62U, the yoke for the T62U is not adjustable but is durable for those that use rifles and is a wide-U yoke. So, which is better? I think depends on what kind of firearm you are using as the Pro T40 is adjustable and the T62U is not. But the T62U yoke is bulkier and you can tell it’s used to hold heavy firearms.

Also, included with the Pro T40 is a bonus U-Shaped Yoke for a shotgun. The hole of this additional accessory is about the size of a marble and has an adjust for swiveling. (The Quest T62U does not come with this accesory).

The Pro T40 adjusts to 50 and 80 degree angles, adjust leg angles simple and quickly turning collar. Folded height is 20 1/2 inches, extended height is 40 inches.

Also, included is paperwork for Vanguards 5-Year-Limited Warranty.



I tested the Vanguard Pro T40 in a variety of situations. For one, I tested it via digiscoping but also DSLR use, primarily outdoor and also indoor. I’m going to be perfectly honest that for my needs…40 inches in height is too small. Personally, I need something that can go small to big…up to 60+ inches…even over 50 inches would be nice but this one goes up to 40 inches in height.

For those who are hunters, this is suitable. For those with children who are learning cameras or those who don’t need much height, the PRO T40 works great.

But it’s important to remember that this is lightweight aluminum alloy legs. If you are going to attach expensive equipment, you may want to be careful as it will hold a spotting scope, camera, rifle, etc. But anything heavy, this is not what this tripod is for. In fact, for outdoor use, I would prepare by bringing a sandbag to make sure that wind does not knock this tripod over.

In fact, if you need absolute strength for rugged areas or want the best in protection, I highly recommend looking into magnesium die-cast tripods such as the Vanguard Abeo or something sturdier. But if it’s just a sole piece of hardware and you’re not going to leave it stationary where many people can hit it. But for a 40″ tripod, it’s good.

I do highly recommend one other thing for purchase along with the Pro T40 or any tripod, bi-pod or monopod and that is a good ballhead. Otherwise once you tighten your DSLR or spotting scope, you won’t have much chance to rotate your hardware. So, I recommend purchasing a ballhead, may it be Vanguard BBH, SBH, a Manfrotto ballhead or even considering a pistol-type (which I prefer using). Just something reliable and won’t break on you.

Now in comparison to the Vanguard Quest T62U which is nearly the same price, if I had to choose between both Vanguard products, I would go for the T62U. Mainly because it’s all-purpose, tripod, bipod, monopod all-in-one plus it goes up to 62″. You want that flexibility to go small and to go big in any situation and because they are only less than 75 cents difference from each other in price. There is a 68-inch version of the Vanguard Pro T but then the price jumps to almost $110. So, in terms of length and functions, the Vanguard T62U is much better.

BUT… now we come to the firearms. The Pro T40 comes with an adjustable yoke for variety of firearms plus it comes with a U-shaped yoke for a shotgun. I will include a picture to show the comparison between the Pro T40 Yoke and the T62U yoke. The T62U is a wide yoke, sturdier but the question is if you need a fixed length or one that is adjustable. This may factor into your decision of which one to purchase.


The Vanguard Pro T40 is a good tripod. It functions as a good tripod for hunting, DSLR, digiscoping, etc. But the primary advantage is the fact that it comes with an adjustable yoke for a variety of firearms plus it comes with a bonus u-shaped yoke for a shotgun. Otherwise, the Vanguard T62U which is only less than a dollar difference is a much better tripod because it can extend higher (at 62″) and it can function as a tripod, bipod and monopod and comes with a wider, durable yoke (non-adjustable).

But if you don’t need the additional height and you are hunter that just needs something 40-inches and wants the two yoke accessories for a variety of firearms, then this is perfect for you!

But I must emphasize that this is lightweight aluminum, so try to avoid using this as a backup for your light stands or expensive lighting equipment. If anything, use it for your firearm, your spotting scope or your SLR/DSLR and you should be fine. Again, if you do go outdoors, I recommend adding maybe a little weight via a sandbag if you know you are heading out to windy conditions, especially rugged areas.

Last, while you can use this product immediately, photographers may want to look into a ballhead accessory if you need more rotation for your shots.

Overall, there really is nothing I can complain about this product. For its pricepoint and its function, especially with the Vanguard name, it’s a wonderful product that comes with a 5-year limited warranty. So, whether you are a hunter, spotting birds or wildlife or a photographer (or videographer) that needs a reliable product that they can easily travel with and take a long to rugged conditions, the Vanguard Pro T40 is recommended.