The One about Dove Men + Care Fortifying Styling gel


For those who use styling gel, while most people tend to look for price and size, one thing about the Dove Men + Care Fortifying Styling Gel is the fact that it uses caffeine.

The styling gel definitely works in a strong hold, there is no outstanding odor, which are pluses for this gel, but the caffeine is interesting because since 2014, studies are showing that caffeine enhances hair shaft elongation and helps in growth-promoting effects for hair follicles (source:

I know most people probably could care less about that but I would rather use hair gel that is alcohol free and uses caffeine. I have had problems with styling gels that dry out my hair because of the alcohol, so I tend to stay away from those.

So, if you are in the market for a styling gel that is effective, alcohol-free and also utilizing caffeine, Dove Men + Care Fortifying Styling Gel is the way to go! And most importantly, the styling gel WORKS WELL!