The One about Avocado Toast


Once in awhile, I crave avocado toast.  May you put bacon or salmon on top, or just have it by itself, it’s all good!

Avocado a.k.a. alligator pear is a fruit or a large berry that contains a single seed that grows from an avocado tree (which is native to Mexico and Central America).

Avocados are great for carotenoid absorption and converting specific carotenoids (beta-carotene) into vitamin A.  Avocados are high-fat, but has fiber, potassium, vitamin K and E and have been shown through research to have great impact on average diets, lowering heart disease, especially improving blood levels of LDL, lowering oxidative stress in the bloodstream (source).

The recipe is fairly easy, toast your bread, which I used French bread and drizzled a little extra virgin olive oil.

I then scooped out some avocado and mashed it on the toast.

Sprinkled lemon pepper on top and it’s ready to go!  Easy and delicious!