The One about the LACOSTE SPORT Deston Sneaker


After my negative experience with the LACOSTE SPORT Protected sneaker, with my love for the LACOSTE brand, I decided to give the shoes another try.  Something that looks stylish, one that would look great with jeans and chinos and this time, a shoe you can tie!  And the result, the LACOSTE SPORT Deston sneaker.

I have posted about my bias towards LACOSTE apparel.  For the longest time, I have been a fan of the French clothing company which was originally founded back in 1933.

Best known as the company that was created by tennis player Jean Rene Lacoste a.k.a. “the Crocodile” because of his tenacity on the tennis court, Lacoste won seven Grand Slam single titles and was the #1 tennis player in the world back in 1926-1927.

In 1933, Jean Rene Lacoste would become the founder of La Societe Chemise Lacoste with Andre Gillier and would produce tennis shirts with a crocodile on the chest.  And since then, LACOSTE has been a brand that many people will identify with pique polo shirts and its crocodile logo.

And as for the original connection with sports, LACOSTE SPORT continues with various polos and also their shoes.

The LACOSTE SPORT Deston sneaker is made from mixed materials crafted from punched leather adorned with suede leather details.

The attraction to this sneaker was its simplicity.  And while the blue is similar to my Adidas Stan Smith shoes, I like the fact that it has a brown sole.  The shoes are made in Thailand and padding features Ortholite for cushioning, odor and fungus inhibiting and air flow for a cool food and wicks away moisture.  The shoes are non-washable.

One thing you will notice is that the stitching is well-done and I like how the stitching goes diagonal but with no colors for this brand of shoe.  I like the threads as well, as other LACOSTE SPORT shoes, don’t have this style of tread underneath.  This treading has a better grip on surfaces.

I like the fact that the 1933 is featured on the blue portion of the shoe, the year was when LACOSTE began producing their famous polo shirts.

While mine did have a little glue right under, it’s something I can live with.  And for the most part, the stitching was well-done, no straying pieces of threading anywhere.

The overall shoe is comfortable and works quite well with jeans and chinos.

But I really like this stylish sneaker.  I like how there is a brown sole, I like the dark blue stripe running underneath the side, I like the 1933 featured on the rear and I like the diagonal stitching (non-colored) for this shoe.

Overall, it’s a simple and cool looking LACOSTE SPORT sneaker worth checking out!