The One about International Men’s Fashion Magazines: Men’s Joker (JAPAN) June 2015 issue


I tend to purchase different men’s fashion magazines all over the world but one magazine that I wanted to give a try for the first time is “Men’s Joker” from Japan.

The July issue features EXILE vocalist Takahiro in the front and the theme is summerwear.



For those who have never looked at a Japanese magazine, you start from rear side (the front cover is the back side of what one would read in a U.S. magazine).

Far too often, we see the focus on printed T-shirts, but in this July issue of “Men’s Joker”, most of the t-shorts are not printed and the focus of this issue is color coordination.  This issue goes into long sleeve, long length, vivid colors, henry neck, layers, knit material.

But I notice how the magazine had a poll of which t-shirt is their favorite and the #1 was Fil Melange, #2 was Camber, #3 was Champion, #4 was James Perse, #5 was Sunspel.  Others mentioned are Letroyes, Anatomica, three dots, Auralee, bukht and Smith & Smith.

The magazine then focuses on celebrities wearing t-shirts from David Beckham, John Legend, Joe Jonas, Robert Pattinson, Zac Efron, members of One Direction.

Also featured are other T-shirt brands, accessorizing with necklace, bracelet and wrist watch.

The magazine also features the top cafe locations in Tokyo, showcasing watches and more!  Inside is a special watch, sunglasses and sandals booklet as well.

Overall, this July issue of Men’s Joker is pretty cool if you dig Tokyo fashion.  With the hot summer here, it’s cool to see how Japanese are able to look sharp with t-shirts considering how hot and humid it gets over there during the summer.

The magazine is also quite inexpensive and if you want to order it, I definitely recommend ordering it through Amazon Japan (note: it’s the cheapest location I found to ordering magazines from Japan), as shipping is not too high.