The One about the BELLA 14124 Programmable Slow Cooker with Searing Pot


Having owned several crock pots/slow cookers, this is the first programmable digital slow cooker that we used.

The sleek design and user-friendly cooking device is stainless steel but with an inside pot that is not too heavy and is very easy to clean.

I like the locking lid and the fact that meat can be cooked on a stovetop for searing.

We cooked our favorite barbecue sandwiches on the BELLA 14124 Programmable Slow Cooker and it was used beef roast and by seven hours, the meat was tender, shredded and the onions cooked to perfection.

While there are pre-sets, we didn’t really need to use it. But for those who are new to using slow cookers, the pre-sets should definitely help you out.


There was no negatives that I had with the slow cooker. No foul odors when cooking, no cracking or damage on the pot.

While I’m sure I’ll discover more about this slow cooker overtime and will see how it compares to our other pottery-based slow-cooker, for the most part, I’m quite thrilled with the results so far. But if I have any negative experience in the long run, I’ll definitely update this review.

Overall, the BELLA 14124 Programmable Slow Cooker is recommended for those who are looking for programmable slow cooker but also one that is stainless steel.