The One about LACOSTE Chausettes

The latest chausettes (socks) that I will be checking out is from LACOSTE. LACOSTE socks feature soft ribbing, reinforced heels and toes and high stretch for high comfort.  The socks are often seen on the online site for a pair going for $16.00 and sometimes as low as $10.99 on sale. Made in Colombia, the argyle sock that I have is 63% cotton, 36% polyamide and 1% elastane, while the […]

The One about the Ralph Lauren Blackwatch Polo Shirts

Today I received an e-mail that the Limited Edition BlackWatch Ralph Lauren Polo Team shirts are now available on the online store. For those not familiar with the BlackWatch Polo Team, Ralph Lauren is a sponsor of the team which is owned by American businessman, Neil Hirsch (founder of the global communications network Telerate and owner of the securities tracking firm, Loanet). He was the original co-founder of the Bridghampton […]

The One about the Levi’s Strauss & Co. Yacht Club – Does it exist?

The story of German-American businessman Levi Strauss is very interesting. He founded the first company to manufacture blue jeans and his firm, Levi Strauss & Co., which was founded back in 1853 in San Francisco, California, continues to remain as one of the strongest brands in the world. Back then, Levi and his customer, Jacob Davis (one of the inventors of the first pair of riveted denim pants in 1871) […]

The One about the LACOSTE SPORT Protected Sneaker

I have a bias towards LACOSTE clothing gear. For the longest time, I have been a fan of the French clothing company which was originally founded back in 1933. Best known as the company that was created by tennis player Jean Rene Lacoste a.k.a. “the Crocodile” because of his tenacity on the tennis court, Lacoste won seven Grand Slam single titles and was the #1 tennis player in the world […]

The One about Emporio Armani Caffe in Omotesando

Located at 3-6-1 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan is Emporio Armani Caffe, one of the two Armani eateries in Japan (the other being the more upper class Armani Ristorante located in the Armani/Ginza Tower). Nestled in the fashion area of Omotesando, Emporio Armani Caffe showcases Italian cuisine but also a modern and relaxed atmosphere compared to the more elegant and formal Armani Ristorante.  But that doesn’t mean Emporio Armani Caffe is […]

The One about the Vanguard Quest T62U 3 in 1 Shooting Stick

Vanguard is a reputable company when it comes to photo and video-related products for over 26-years and when it comes to tripods, the company’s reputation is partly due to the quality of their tripods. Vanguard has continued to grow as a company and now integrating an optics-line which have won over hunting and bird watching enthusiasts, the company continues to thrive. But in this day and age where there is […]

The One about the Call It Spring Trefor Boots

I have reviewed a few Call It Spring boots on my blog before. And they are no doubt great for people on a budget but with that being said, although from ALDO as their line of affordable shoes, these are shoes that you would probably wear a few times as dress shoes/boots, otherwise you’ll wear them out quickly. The thing is…you do get what you pay for.  And for those […]

The One about Seijun Suzuki’s “Tokyo Drifter”

In Japan, what kind of film would ever feature a stoic, cool tough former gangster that can whistle or sing a song while guns are pointed at him? The answer is “Tokyo Drifter”, the 1966 film directed by Seijun Suzuki who has earned a worldwide following of cinema fans due to his experimental visual style, humor and nihilistic coolness that his style of films were ahead of its time. While […]