The One about the Leather Wallets


When it comes to wallets, there are a few things that I look for.

One, it is made of full grain leather.  Second, it must have an ID holder (in which the ID portion is permanently in and is not an addition to the wallet).  Third, it carries the important cards that I need and a pocket to insert proof insurance and a few business cards.  And last, I try to stick with brown (I prefer dark brown and camel) or black.  I have tried white before and they get dirty easily.

I use two kind of wallets, one that is ultra thin and one that carries a lot more than what I mentioned above.

An example is the Calvin Klein full grain leather wallet and my all-leather COACH ID Coin Wallet.

My previous wallet had a money clip and was in middle ground between a thin and large.  But I realize that for my needs, I prefer the thin wallet because it fits snugly in my front pants pocket, there is no bulge and you are forced to stay with the minimum.

For the Calvin Klein thin wallet, only three cards on the left (you can’t put two in one sleeve) and the inside pocket can hold another card(s) or insurance card documents.  While the main ID portion is on the right.  The thin wallet is perfect for the man who doesn’t use cash or keep coins on them and want their wallet in a secure place.

Works great if you are wearing slim jeans and once again, don’t want people seeing the wallet bulge.

As for the COACH wallet,  it’s bigger and yes, people will see the wallet bulge in your pants pocket.  But this is great for traveling or if you carry cash and coins with you.

This wallet is instrumental, for example, in Tokyo, where I could keep all the coins I get from transactions right in its coin pocket.  Meanwhile, the ID pocket is there and it’s sewn in the wallet and will not slide out, which I like.  The COACH wallet also delivers in multiple cards, so for those who have many credit, rewards and gas cards, this wallet works perfectly and you can also keep cash in the double cash pockets.

While wallet bulge is not my thing… there are times where its useful to have a ticker wallet on you.  I prefer the slim wallets that are closing than those with non-closing, exposed credit card sleeves.

It’s important to note that you can find great deals on leather wallets at your local Marshalls or TJ Max.

But I have purchased my wallets from the official stores, as I wanted a wallet that not everyone has.  Sure, they are pricier but you get better designs and they are made with much better leather.

As for placement of a wallet, for me, it’s always the front pocket and never the rear.  I’ve known people who had nerve issues from sitting on their wallet and when you sit, you want to make sure that your gluteus muscles are balanced and one not being elevated or pressure going onto one rear area.

Overall, like you do with socks or man bags, it’s good to have a variety of wallets that suit your outfit and travel.  But also a wallet that suits your style!