The One about the Ralph Lauren Blackwatch Polo Shirts


Today I received an e-mail that the Limited Edition BlackWatch Ralph Lauren Polo Team shirts are now available on the online store.

For those not familiar with the BlackWatch Polo Team, Ralph Lauren is a sponsor of the team which is owned by American businessman, Neil Hirsch (founder of the global communications network Telerate and owner of the securities tracking firm, Loanet).

He was the original co-founder of the Bridghampton Polo Club with his childhood friend Peter M. Brant until he sold his shares in 2011 and later would become owner of the BlackWatch Polo Team.

The team is named after the Scottish Black Watch regiment that served the British Crown for 266 years and won the 2004 Mercedes Polo Challenge and the 2007 Hall of Fame Cup.

While I do own a good number of Ralph Lauren polo shirts, I typically buy shirts with the smaller logo of the polo player on the chest.  But seeing the BlackWatch Polo Team offerings for 2015, I really like the design.

Of course, model and Argentine polo player Nacho Figueras is known as the face of the BlackWatch Polo Team (which he now co-owns with Hirsch) and also for Ralph Lauren’s Black Label and Polo fragrances.

But going back to the clothing, I was trying to get an idea of what clothing gear the team has worn in recent years.  As the Ralph Lauren site offers many different colors, personally, I would rather wear a shirt that best matches what the team members are wearing vs. a color that they have never worn before.   It’s almost like how I feel about my New York Yankees, it’s always going to be the navy blue with white logo and I wouldn’t feel right wearing a green or red New York Yankees hat for the sake of having it match my shoes or clothing gear, I want to wear athletic gear of what the actual team wears.

Many YouTube videos (including the official BlackWatch YouTube channel) show the polo shirts from 2008 or 2011 but nothing more recent.  And surprisingly, the site is not working and the last post on the official Facebook page was made in 2010.

Fortunately, sites such as allow viewers to see the shirts that BlackWatch has sported recently.


While recent information on BlackWatch polo may not be the easiest to find on the web, fortunately finding clothing gear is easy on the Ralph Lauren online shopping website.