The One about the Call It Spring Trefor Boots


I have reviewed a few Call It Spring boots on my blog before.

And they are no doubt great for people on a budget but with that being said, although from ALDO as their line of affordable shoes, these are shoes that you would probably wear a few times as dress shoes/boots, otherwise you’ll wear them out quickly.

The thing is…you do get what you pay for.  And for those who purchase a lot of shoes and have different shoes to wear each day, then Call It Spring shoes/boots are great, but for everyday use, probably not.

Today, I review the Trefor boot.  Made in China and featuring synthetic faux upper leather with contrast and tonal stitching, lace-up front closure with metal eyelets, textile lining, cushioned synthetic insole and durable synthetic outsole, these boots are no doubt cool looking, very light and not meant to withstand elements…they are primarily dress boots you will want to wear once or a few times a week and nothing more.

For the price of $39.99-$45.99, it’s an inexpensive boot but spend a little more and you can order from Aldo or another brand from another site where you can get a boot made of leather versus synthetic faux upper leather.

Still, I know people like shoes on a budget and all in all, the Call It Spring Trefor is a stylish boot but I see myself wearing it maybe once or twice a month to prevent excessive wear and works out great so I can give other shoes I own much needed attention.

For an inexpensive boot, you can find great deals for Call It Spring Boots on 6pm or a big sale on the website.