The One about the Crumpler 7 Million Dollar Home Bag

I have heard about how efficient the Crumpler Seven Million Dollar Home Bags are. Having seen photographers rave about them, I figured that before I left to Japan, I would purchase one and see how it would work. To my surprise, the bag was much smaller than I expected but having used this bag on my trip, I have to say it was a fantastic purchase! The bag (dimensions are: […]

The One about My Classic Hollywood Photo Collection and the Legendary Film Stars of the Era

Back in the late 80’s, as a film buff, I would always be enamored with Hollywood from the early 1900’s through the 1960’s (and of course, up to the present time as well).  But at a small town I visited, a gentleman in his late 70s or so was planning to close his video store up. I used to enjoy visiting this video store because he had classic stills of […]

The One about Umami Burger

  California is known for In-n-Out Burger, but back in 2009, from it’s first location in Los Angeles, Umami Burger was the place to go! Now having branches in other states outside of California, Umami Burger is an American restaurant chain that specializes in savory burgers and truffle french fries.  Also, unlike other burger restaurants, Umami Burger has waiter service and a full bar. Umami Burger was created by Adam […]

The One about Star BBQ in Los Angeles

It was late and my brother and I were hungry. And when we put our heads together to think what is open in the wee hours of morning, Star BBQ in Los Angeles’ Koreatown came to mind. Located at 601 S. Ardmore Avenue in the Wilshire Center, Star BBQ is quite interesting because it’s all you can eat and there are many options to choose from. Once you sit down, […]

The One About the COACH MBC Solid Beach Tote

I often visit the beach during the hot summer and I typically don’t like bringing any of my really nice leather bags to the beach.  It’s typically back-packs or cheap older tote bags that I had in the closet. But since early winter, I have had my eye on the COACH MBC Solid Beach Tote and while COACH has offered several colors of the tote, utilizing the colors of orange, […]