The One about Purchasing Baseball (NPB) Tickets in Japan


For those who are traveling to Japan and want to watch a baseball game will want to purchase their tickets through sites like

While there is a small fee tacked into the price, one must remember that you are literally hiring someone to get you the best seats available (you can let them know which area you prefer to sit), without the hassle, without having to wait in line to purchase tickets and it’s fairly simple.

I have attended pre-season and regular season games.  Pre-season tickets are easy to get and one can probably purchase a ticket at the event area but the problem comes down to if you are selective of where to sit.

While tickets at Jingu Stadium (stadium of the Yakult Swallows) were easy to get during pre-season, Giants tickets were a bit more complicated because they are often crowded.

So, I opted to in order to get the seating I wanted near third base.  And for both pre-season and regular season, JapanBallTickets were able to secure the seats I wanted.

For regular season, I had the tickets delivered to the hotel I was staying.  And it was that simple.

So, if you are ever wanting to watch an NPB baseball game (or even sumo), I definitely recommend