The One about the Monster NTune On-Ear Headphones V3


With the headphone market getting a little crowded and competition ramping up among various companies, many are trying to capture audiences with flashy/stylish headphones that deliver quality sound.

Monster has their line of headphones known as N-Tune (version I am reviewing is the HD version) which offer various colors.

The version I am reviewing is a blue metallic headphone with chrome-like accent on the side. The combination is very cool looking and the headphones are well-padded (and didn’t make my ear feel all itchy). With that being said, the headphones are plastic and so, you want to be careful with them because I can see them snapping (as a few people had problems with it). The width is smaller compared to Beats Solo headphones.

Monster claims that the N-Tune headphones are virtually indestructible but I have not done any headphone torture tests by throwing it on concrete, stepping or sitting on it, or running over it with my car to prove they are indestructible.


Personally, if your child is looking at these headphones, I don’t know if I would recommend it because of the chances of snapping. These are not the type of headphones one would want to throw around or accidentally step on, considering they are almost $100.

The headphones come with a ControlTalk Universal cable (removable cable that can be plugged into the headphone on either left or right side) and will allow you to share music with friends.

While the cable is plugged into your android, tablet or other devices, there is a push button that will put your software in pause mode. Which is great if you need to pause immediately while someone is talking to you while you have your earphones on.

I like the fact that Monster has made the cable a bit thicker to prevent tangle or being pulled and ripped apart (although I do prefer the rope type of cables as of late for protection).

A gray carrying pouch with drawstring is included.

Now, I can’t comment on the non-HD version but this 2015 HD, version 3, sounds great. I tested these on my phone, tablet, laptop and also portable gaming units and the high and mid-range sound very good and audio quality for the most part is crystal clear. There is also a good amount of bass in the version 3 of these headphones and was quite pleased with the overall listening experience. For those looking for extra bass and strong lows, may want to look elsewhere.


The Monster N-Tune are stylish headphones that sounds great (not too strong for bass – note: I tend to like headphones that deliver a bit more bass) and it does feature passive noise isolation. The version 3 features HD and ControlTalk capability which is very convenient but while style and sound gets top notch marks, it’s thinner headphones should be taken care of if one intends to buy it. No throwing around, no putting things on top of it if you keep it around your desk or closet. You really need to take care of these headphones.

But overall, it’s a solid product that competes well against Beats Solo headphones but I recommend one does their research and also look into the Beyerdynamic DT440 Premium, JBL Synchros E40BT, Sony MDR7506 and AKG K 240.

I do recommend this product.