The One about the Crumpler 7 Million Dollar Home Bag

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I have heard about how efficient the Crumpler Seven Million Dollar Home Bags are.

Having seen photographers rave about them, I figured that before I left to Japan, I would purchase one and see how it would work.

To my surprise, the bag was much smaller than I expected but having used this bag on my trip, I have to say it was a fantastic purchase!

The bag (dimensions are: 13.58×11.02×8.26″) features locking straps are removable for carrying a tripod, a non-slip removable and padded shoulder pad is included.

The rear features a zipped pocket which are great for thing documents, towel or business cards.

Opening the bag, you will notice a pocket with a locking button that has 2 elastic mesh pockets to keep your memory cards, lens covers and other smaller equipment.

The main cargo zone holds camera equipment with molded dividers and velcro throughout and holds things in place.

For the center, I put my DSLR with a grip in the center, I then had a flash on the left, a lens in front of it, with a pouch containing DSLR and Eneloop batteries and on the right, I had another two lenses.  I had my point and shoot camera and battery recharger right on top.

I had my trigger and dust cleaner in the front pocket with my memory cards and lens covers.  A towel on the rear pocket.

And the front cover folds up quite nicely over everything and holds it in place.

Possibly the biggest life saver, since I had this as one of my carry on’s is that I went over the weight limit for my two check-in bags by three pounds.  I was able to get three pounds of stuff to go on top of what I had, adjust the flap straps and continue to use the bag as a carry on.  So, in many ways, I used this bag extensively throughout my trip to Japan and it was a life saver.

And to add, the bag is made of weather resistant materials and anti-abrasive surfaces.

While I know there are those who say the previous versions of the Seven Million Dollar Home bag are better, I have to no experience using Crumpler bags but what I have purchased and used and I can tell you right now, the Crumpler Seven Million Dollar Home bag was a fantastic purchase!

For those on the fence, it may not look like a big bag or it has a lot of compartments but this bag is really efficient and holds a lot.  In fact, look at the bottom video if you need any more convincing!