The One about My Classic Hollywood Photo Collection and the Legendary Film Stars of the Era

Back in the late 80’s, as a film buff, I would always be enamored with Hollywood from the early 1900’s through the 1960’s (and of course, up to the present time as well).  But at a small town I visited, a gentleman in his late 70s or so was planning to close his video store up.

I used to enjoy visiting this video store because he had classic stills of stars from the past, production stills, photo close ups, etc. and I would come in and want the Audrey Hepburn to the Hal Roach “Little Rascals” photos and being a teenager, I think it may have surprised him that a young person knew the talent and was there just simply to gawk at the photos.   Out of the blue he said that he was an old man that wanted to pass along these images to someone and sure enough, the collection went to me.

Granted, these are reproduced photos.   As some authentic photos would have either an autograph on the back, name written or studio name/stamp on the back.  But you can find a lot of good classic photos, negatives, posters, etc. from eBay, Amazon and various sites.

But many photos I own, despite the resources we have today,  there are a good number of photos on these online sites or photo reproduction companies websites that I have been unable to find.

For nearly 15-20 years, I have been trying to do my research to find out more about certain photos or stills, and over the years, I’ve managed to sit with many men and women who grew up during that time and just be in awe of the photos I have and again, shocked that someone young would even be interested in the classic talent and films of that era.

Of course, there are so many stories of these talents that I love hearing about.  But most of all, enjoying hearing from other people who may have information on the photos or stills and what purpose the photos were taken for.

So, I appreciate anyone who can help me with any knowledge of the photos in my collection.

Thank you!