The One about Umami Burger


California is known for In-n-Out Burger, but back in 2009, from it’s first location in Los Angeles, Umami Burger was the place to go!

Now having branches in other states outside of California, Umami Burger is an American restaurant chain that specializes in savory burgers and truffle french fries.  Also, unlike other burger restaurants, Umami Burger has waiter service and a full bar.

Umami Burger was created by Adam Fleischman, an aspiring screenwriter and at-the-time manager of BottleRock Wine Bar in Culver City, who envisioned a basic burger with umami properties, this while eating an In-n-Out double cheeseburger.

Fleischman began experimenting with mixing ingredients that he purchased from Mitsuwa (a Japanese grocery store) and opened his first restaurant in South La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles.

We went to the Umami Burger Los Feliz at 4655 Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Umami Burgers features a 6-ounce beef patty (American Wagyu beef), and is ground in-house.  The meat is seasoned with Umami Sauce.  And are priced over $10.

I tried the Umami Burger (parmesan frico, shiitake mushroom, roasted tomato and caramelized onions with Umami house ketchup).  The first thing you will notice is the “U” on top of the bun.  And after biting into the burger, so much flavor is featured.  The burger is absolutely delicious and comes with sweet potato fries.

We then tried the Truffle Fries, fries with house truffle cheese and they were cheesy and equally delicious.

Overall, having heard about Umami Burger for years, it was finally a pleasure to try their delicious burger and fries.  Customer service was wonderful and for the most part, an enjoyable atmosphere.